How Best To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

pregnancysex The decision to have a child and to stick to it is itself a decision with a lot of responsibilities. If a couple is ready to take such a major step forward they need to be ready for all the commitments and sacrifices they will have to take up to prepare for such a responsibility.

We need to cut short on a lot of old habits, at times even have to change our whole lifestyle to get trained for a healthy pregnancy.

The first and the foremost thing to consider quitting is night outs and partying habits. The primary practice to follow is a schedule. Smoking and drinking are a strict no-no, as smoking can result in “low-birth weight” in babies, premature birth, and even miscarriages. Studies suggest smoking can cause infertility and even lower sperm count in parents. Even passive smoking is harmful.

Caffeine should be avoided. Excess caffeine can be a major cause in non-absorption of iron, which is a much needed substance during pregnancy. If it is impossible to cut down on caffeine then a reduction in consumption to one cup a day is required.

A healthy conception and healthy pregnancy requires a weight check. Hence regular exercises are needed. Obesity can be a big hindrance for conception as well as labor.

Folic acid is a required mineral for production of red blood cells, and production of “nor epinephrine” and “serotonin” which are chemical-compounds of our nervous system. Folic acid has also been known to be one major nutrient responsible for the prevention of “neural tube birth defects”. It plays a distinctive role in DNA synthesis and brain function normalizations.

Some important news about love making positions specifically for pregnancy: Spanning ones’ partner while love-making should be avoided. The positions where minimal sperm leakage happens should be practiced. Placement of a pillow under the hips at the time of or after love making allows the cervix to hold the semen, for a small period, allows the sperm some time to reach the cervix.

Care should be taken so that the pillow is not too large, resulting in the sperm winding up behind the cervix. If a woman has a tilted uterus, an entry of the penis from behind can be a simpler route to the cervix.

Some positions which must be avoided: Any standing positions, sitting, or with the female partner on top, will not permit the sperm enough time to arrive at the destination. And will result in the job for the sperm becoming very difficult if not unattainable to reach the cervix.

Hence taking the decision of giving birth to a child and abiding by it is a responsible task but with its due rewards.