How About Sex After Marriage

Is marriage ruining your sex life? Yes, some people complain that marriage has ended their sex life.

At the early stage of married life, they used to have it four times in a week and now after two to three years of marriage, they are just having sex once in a week. They blame many things for it.

Some times because of this problem, many married people go for divorce. Many people think that tying knot has just ruined the excitement of sex. The relationship changes from lovers to friends.

Whether the partner is funny, intelligent, and supportive but then also they do not inspire confidence on the bed. They are not able to meet the expectations and this confusion between sex and marriage results in frustrating and boring life.

People get bored by having same type of routine sex on the same bed and in the same position every time. Some men say that their partner does not make effort to start it from her side and even they repent that they used to have more fun on bed before marriage. Some times kids and other family responsibilities come in between sex and marriage. Couples are not able to avoid those responsibilities.

Because of the hectic lifestyle and other responsibilities, sex life gets affected after marriage. This kind of marriage problems give birth to unhealthy sexual relationships. Before marriage, couple just thinks about love and sex.

Whether it is man or woman, they involve their mind only into their love and love making. But after marriage many more things get added to their life and couples hardly get time to spend with each other.

Some of them who get bored by sex after marriage look for extra marital affairs to meet their sexual urge. Many people are happy with this and feel satisfied. They say that sex was mind-blowing with their partners once in a week. Some people make good night sleep as their only option.

According to the values of marriage, sex before marriage is bad for marriage and even it hampers the sex life after marriage. It is because people get quite acquainted with that particular feeling of sex before marriage. They do not find anything new after marriage and that creates problem in sex after marriage.