Hottest Styles And Haircuts For Men

Haircuts For Men

Haircuts For Men Most men do not like to spend too much time on their hair, unless they are in certain professions like modeling, artistry and celebrities. Men tend to stick to one hairstyle and the simpler the style with less maintenance, the better.

Although low maintenance is important for men in hairstyle choices, fashion and function can work well together even for men.

Types of hairstyles

A conservative man usually prefers the classic hairstyles, which are inspirations of the 1950s, where the slicked cut and wet look come to the fore. Working men who have to attend a dinner function would be happy with this style as they can move from office to party with little fuss. This style can be quite chic if it has an exact side parting. This is an easy cut that is easy to maintain and style.

Buzz cut

A busy man does not have much time for haircuts, much less styling his hair frequently; hence a buzz cut is appropriate retaining today’s fashionable look. To keep this look polished, keep this style as short as you can without a total cut off, which means that the neck’s nave should be shaven smooth with no stray strands ruining the look. This look can be conveniently done in the comfort of your home with patience. All you need are a mirror and the right cutting shears and shaver.

Length on the top

The man with straight hair can consider length on the top. This cut has long strands at the top of the head and tapers down to the back, but the sides and back are shaved clean; this gives a rebellious look for the man who wants to have an attitude. Frequent trims and style gels are required to maintain this cut.


Though not many, there are men who like bangs; these can consider the textured front style. The bangs are brushed forward and textured instead of being brushed straight across, falling on the eyes. The back and the sides should be shorter compared to the bangs for the appropriate texture. Usually younger men prefer this look if they do not mind spending some time on styling their hair just right.

Messy top

Men who like to keep their hair slightly longer for a show of character should consider the messy top. The head will be full of thick hair which is layered with short layers at the bottom for the full look at the top. Naturally wavy hair is the most appropriate for this style, although other hair types can sport this look with some mousse. This style is not really appropriate for an official or formal environment unless you have other plans in mind.

Trendy looks

There are as many choices of styles and cuts for men as for women, ranging from classic cuts to rebel looks, or formal to informal, office to parties. The right cut is dependent on your personality, face shape and hair type. Choose a style well and you’ll feel confident enough to carry it off as the latest trend!