Hot Tips On First Date

Many questions mat arise in your mind before that first date. Though it is a thrilling experience to go on your first date, it can be somewhat nerve-wracking too. Even if you are a carefree person, it’s quite natural to have butterflies in your stomach before your first date.

Common first date questions are whether you should kiss or not, hold hands or not, sleep together or not.

Before you answer these queries, you have to consider certain factors. I know of some first dates that converted to long-term relationships while some others carried on for a few months when the couple usually was judging whether they were compatible for a real relationship or not. I have also seen some first dates that were nothing more than a single night of passion.

So, answer to the following questions may help you decide what to do on a first date:

* Are you relaxed and having a good time?
* Have you thought about sharing some incidents of your life? Is your date interested to hear them? Do you pay attention to what he/she is talking about?
* Do you want to touch that person’s hand?
* Can you visualize yourself kissing his/her lips?
* Do you have a good conversation?
* When the stipulated period ends, do you have the desire to pass some more time with your date?  (Read this tricky question carefully: I did not inquire if you want your date to have the desire of spending more time with you).

If you are able to answer these questions yourself, you will be able to decide whether you and your date have physical, psychological, emotional and sexual chemistry. Unless you and your partner are compatible on these grounds and feel an attraction that’s genuine and immediate, I think that nothing serious should happen. However, I can’t guarantee that it won’t.

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