Hot Spring Dates

You can spice up your love life by trying some adventurous ideas with your date. Irrespective of whether you are in the initial phases of a relationship or are in a long-term one, these ideas will give you something different to do instead of following the old routine that most couple engage themselves in.

As winter is giving way to a warmer season, you can step outside once again and make your date a memorable affair by using some of these suggestions:

* Enjoy a drive-in movie. Though you won’t find these easily and many such films run only during summer, don’t give up until you have checked out the options. And yes, cozying up to your date and necking inside the car will make it enjoyable for sure!

* Picnic at twilight. Plan ahead, taking into account the weather, which may or may not go with your plans. However, after listening to the weather forecast aired during the morning news, if you bring that old blanket out of your wardrobe, arrange for some ready-to-eat foodstuff (like chicken salad, some fruits and cheese, a baguette and antipasto salad in pre-made form sold at your local grocer’s shop), take a bottle of wine that tastes good and some glasses, you have done your part. Eating outdoors will help in special bonding by awakening your senses. Just a small note: remember to take the corkscrew.

* Enjoy a dinner cruise. If you stay near a water body, you will surely find some companies that offer dinner cruises. So, book two seats to enjoy a romantic dinner cruise on the water.

* Go to an art museum. As our subconscious mind is affected by art, visiting a museum will awaken the senses of both you and your date. Follow the visit with a dinner at a cozy place to enjoy the opening up of your minds and hearts.

* Join a yoga class for couples. Such classes will help you to connect with your partner at a physical and spiritual level.

Attending these yoga classes will help you to understand your partner’s body and breathing pattern in a better way. As you become familiar to the total existence of your partner, many more avenues of pleasure will open up!

Enjoy these suggestions and make the most of your romantic date!

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