Hot Oil Treatment For Dealing With Curly Hairs

Many people have curly hairs which tend to be dry, as lack of moisture is one of various reasons for having such hairs. Managing curly hairs is really a difficult task. There are many ways in which curly hairs can be taken care of. For example, through permanent straightening methods, curls can be removed.

Application of chemical straightening substances is also one way of getting rid of curly hairs. However, these treatments have some types of side effects and this is the reason why many people do not go for these. One way of dealing curly, dry and fizzy hairs that does not have any side effect is hot oil treatment. This treatment is very effective in adding moisture to hairs.

It should be understood that structure of curly hairs is different, which does not allow natural oil found in the scalp to reach every part of hair. This increases dryness further, which makes hairs dull and frizzy. Hot oil treatment allows oil to penetrate into the hair strand and make them soft.

Managing curls in soft hairs is easy. This treatment is also effective in dealing with the damage that has been done to hairs due to chemical treatments. Environment and hair styling and coloring practices also make hairs dry and unmanageable. Such hairs can be treated with hot oil treatments.

Applying Hot Oil Treatment

Apart from dealing with curly hairs, hot oil treatments also increase shine and thus, hairs look very attractive. Hot oil treatments are of many types. They are easily available at beauty and departmental stores. Even these can be prepared at home also. Different types of oils that are used in hot oil treatment are jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil and canola oil.

Properties of each of these oils are different and thus, results obtained through these are also different. Most of hot oil treatments that are available at stores contain jojoba oil or mixture of jojoba oil and some other oil. Jojoba oil and castor oil are considered as the best for treating dry scalp as well as thick and curly hairs.

The variety of castor oil that offers maximum benefit is Jamaican black castor oil. If damaged and curly hairs have to be treated, coconut oil is the best option. Even this oil can be applied on scalp and hairs daily for keeping them soft. If needed, olive oil can also be mixed with regular conditioners for softening and relaxing hairs perfectly.

Home made hot oil treatment is prepared by adding two teaspoons of jojoba oil and one teaspoon of organic soybean oil. In place of organic soybean oil, organic sunflower oil can also be used. Quantity of mixture depends upon the length of hairs. If hairs are very long, six teaspoons of jojoba oil and three teaspoons of organic soybean or sunflower oil can be taken.

Hot Oil Treatment

Mixture of these two oils is warmed using low heat. It is then applied and massaged into hair. Hairs are then wrapped in a hot towel for fifteen minutes and then, shampooed. If rosemary hot oil treatment is to be applied, half cup of organic and dried rosemary is added to half cup of organic sunflower or soybean oil. Mixture of these two is warmed over low heat. Heated mixture is then strained by means of fine strainer or cheesecloth.

This strained mixture is then applied and massaged into hairs. Hairs are then wrapped in a warm towel for fifteen minutes and shampooed. Both the above hot oil treatments are very effective in softening the curls and moisturizing hairs. If curly hairs have been damaged severely due to any reason, hot oil treatment is prepared by adding half cup of organic sunflower or soybean oil, eight drops of sandalwood oil, lavender oil and geranium oil each.

All these ingredients are mixed and warmed over low heat. Hairs and scalp are massaged gently with this mixture. After massage, hairs are wrapped in a plastic wrap first and then, in hot towel. After twenty minutes, wraps are removed and hairs shampooed. Damaged and curly hairs get appropriate treatment and become soft and shiny.

Olive Oil treatment is one of most popular treatments for curly hairs. It can be made at home by adding two tea teaspoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of pure soybean oil in a container. If hairs are long, quantities of these two can be increased. This mixture is then warmed over low heat. For getting best results, it is essential that generous amounts of mixture are used. This mixture is applied to hairs and massaged. Hairs are rinsed after wrapping them in hot towel for fifteen to twenty minutes.

If readymade hot oil treatments are to be used, it is very necessary that directions provided on the pack are followed. Most of these treatments available at stores are first heated in microwave and then applied. For heating, sealed container of hot oil treatment can be placed in a large bowl of hot water also. Warmed oil is then applied on hairs and scalp and massaged gently.

If needed, hairs can also be combed with a wide-tooth comb for even distribution of oil. Hairs are then wrapped in a plastic wrap and hot towel. Ready made hot oil treatments are generally left on hairs for half an hour and then shampooed. While using shampoo for removing oil from the hairs, it is better if sink is used. This is because using shower for removing oil can make the floor slippery, which increases risk of falling.

While applying hot oil treatments, some precautions should be taken. First of all, excessive quantities of oils should be avoided, as these lead to buildup on scalp. This buildup causes dryness and irritation of scalp, as moisture does not enter the hair strands.

Similarly, frequent hot oil treatments should be avoided, as this also leads to buildup over scalp. While applying oil mixtures, massage should be done very gently. Vigorous massages weaken the roots of hairs and they also start breaking. While rinsing, tepid water should be used instead of cool water. Harsh shampoos should be avoided for washing hairs after the treatment.