Hot High School Fashion Trends

Hot High School Fashion Trends

Hot High School Fashion Trends High school fashion can be strenuous to decide upon but at the same time it is glamorous. The selection of the appropriate attire can complement your personality. Your attire talks about who you are and what’s your style. There are a lot of new and variable options to choose from. Being fashionable and trendy in high school is what everyone wants to be.

Different Fashion Trends For High School

Steps to Take

The first step to be and stay fashionable at high school is the pick your style, which ranges from the classic look to the boho or vintage chick look. You can also switch from one style to the next depending on your mood that morning. The next step is choosing the tops and bottoms in accordance with your style. For instance, you can pick a rock star/band graffiti t-shirt, pairing it up with a skinny jegging/legging and converse. And you are sporting a rock star look for the day. You should always keep in mind the pairing up of the tops and bottoms correctly to make a style statement.

Prints That Are in this Year:

The various trends that I have outlines under are a must have for every teen in her wardrobe this year. Starting with the prints that everyone is wearing this year are, tribal prints and animal prints, that expresses your grounded nature, and at the same time is exclusively stylish. Dresses and tops in this print can speak volumes of your individuality.

Then comes the floral print, everyone’s second most favorite. This print is very feminine and cute. Dresses look best in this print when paired up with leggings. Gone are days of bold stripes, thin stripes is in. A collared top or a t-shirt in this print can be best paired up with jeans and sneakers.

Choosing Clothes and Accessories

Choosing the bottom can be tricky, denims, shorts, or skirts are just a narrow pathway, what are wider and more versatile are the different categories under it. For denims there are skinny leggings, ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, corduroy, jeggings and printed jeans. For shorts, there is denim, cropped or rolled up and military print.

High School Fashion

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In skirts, there are Plated, A-line and mini skirts, which are most fashionable in the hallways lately. Steer clear off tiered skirts, because they can be very tacky to handle some times. A jacket over your top is also very attractive. Bomber jackets, jean jackets, blazers, sleeveless jackets and leather jackets can throw a smart look, and sometimes formal. Similarly, head gears can add a zeal to your day in school. A slouchy beret hat or an ivy cap can be very trendy. For the boho look, you can try on a woven or braided headband. Hair clips and flower headbands can look very cute with dresses.

Shoes and Jewelry to Go With It

To complete your look, you need to pick the right shoes that go with your attire. Moccasins or loafers can convey a very formal message, sneakers and converse would be very sporty. Ballet flats are very girly and cute whereas, Boots or platform heels have a fashionista look. Finally complement your entire look with gorgeous accessories, like lots of bangles, beautiful stone studded bracelets, finger rings and layered neck pieces. And, you are ready to hit the hallways in style.

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