Host a Perfect karaoke Party

Karaoke party is a great way to let your hair down and do some entertainment and fun with close friends.

It is a fun party and great medium to let your friends have lively conversations while doing their performances over hit music songs and dance throughout the night.

By the help of organized preparation, you can pull off a smashing night with memorable incidents. While to be a host of this party is moderately easy, the things that you require to organize a karaoke night are some tables, chairs, karaoke music, karaoke machine, index cards, pens, prizes, etc.

First thing to do is to arrange the area where you can set the stage with twinkle lights so that it could be turned in to a karaoke bar.
Then, do a neat arrangement of catchy tables and chairs right in front of it so as to make a good club atmosphere.

As your party begins, start off with some group karaoke to make everybody comfortable over familiar songs like material girl by Madonna, don’t cha by Pussy cat dolls, etc. also, get tentative singles for the back up till the time people are comfortable.

Then, move on with the individual karaoke by listing songs alphabetically in index cards. Allow people to choose their songs and then sing. Play all the requests in a good order as well.

Food is essential since it is a party. Light drinks and snacks is good. Pizzas and Chinese food is all time favorite so order them in plenty of amount but keep the guest list in check and then order accordingly.

Keep a good stock of hard drinks and some of the stock chilled so that they are ready to be served. In fact, keep some bottles open in advance. End the party with some prizes for winners of titles like ‘best song winner’, ‘craziest song’, etc.

the gifts could be inexpensive that can suit your budget. Be humble to all the guests and if anybody spills drinks or food over carpet, do not be rude but show him that it could happen to anybody. So this is how you host a karaoke night.