Hormonal Imbalance And How To Treat Such Conditions

Balancing hormones naturally is a complicated process. Most women suffer from it at a certain period of their life and they should learn how to balance hormones very naturally. Hormones play a great role in the happiness and health of human beings.

For most women the hormonal balancing is learnt naturally. Hormonal balance plays a great role in keeping healthy and imbalance is the cause of ill health symptoms. Hormonal imbalance is experienced at puberty during childbirth, during pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS every month.

It is also experienced during menopause and peri menopause. Thus hormone balance plays a great role in a woman’s life. The main symptoms of hormonal imbalance is weight gain, depression, low sex impulse, mood swings, endometrosis, feeling fatigued, water retention, problem in sleep, irregularity in periods, allergy, sweet craving, hair growth in excess, migraines and headaches, irritability, anxiety, urinary infection, skin breakouts, acne, temperature changes, premenstrual syndrome.

The basic causes of hormonal imbalance are as follows. If your body fails to get less than the optimum nutrition, then the hormones are not balanced naturally. You should get excellent nutrition to balance the hormones. Stress is also a good factor in causing hormonal imbalance. Adrenal glands produce the hormones that help in fighting stress and in hormonal imbalance the glands cannot do that.

The endocrine system is also responsible for the production of hormone and this is also affected by some conditions like the stress, drugs, illnesses or yo-yo dieting. The chemicals, drugs and other stimulants like caffeine, can exaggerate the toxins in food and air and water and that helps interfere with the normal balance of hormones. Pregnancy is a almost a roller coster ride with hormones and if you are not in great health during and after child birth, the hormone imbalance will not let you do that.

So how are hormones normally balanced?

Women have always faced hormonal imbalances. There are certain foods that help you balance the hormones very normally. There are natural high fiber foods like beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. There are cruciferous vegetables like the cauliflower, the cabbage and the broccoli. There are the leafy vegetables like the spinach and the kale.
There are sources very rich in estrogen like lentils, peas and soybeans.

There are fruits which are rich in flavonoids like citrus fruits, red grapes and berries.
The fatty acids present in nuts, whole grains, omega 3 fish and olive oil are also very important on the food list. The fish oil supplements and tuna and salmon contain the Omega 3. The health supplements also include the Vitamin B Complex which is very important on the food list.

Avoid animal fats, white flour, energy drinks, caffeine, colas, alcoholic beverages, white pasta to reduce hormonal imbalance. You should go for regular physical activity, stress management programs like Yoga, meditation, deep breathing and also a good sleep and enough rest. With proper diet and nutrition and by following a regular regimen of exercise and rest you can cope with hormonal imbalances in life and lead a healthy and normal life.