Hope You’re Not Stuck With The Wrong Guy

1true-love Here we have a list of some of the undesirable type of boyfriends. Use this little guide to find out which label best describes your boyfriend.

Types of boyfriends

Mr. Dominating

When he’s the boss and he’s made it clear to you that he rules, you’re most likely living with a dominating boyfriend. He’s the kind who loves to be in-charge, whether it’s in your bedroom or whether it’s outside. He’s the one who calls the shots in your relationship and he’s the one who decides how and where your relationship is headed.

It takes an effort to please such guys, and the only way to keep them happy is to act Miss docile who is willing to do anything and everything to please him. Some women love to be dominated by their man, and if you’re one such woman then the both of you may love this setting.

Mr. Docile

He’s the one who is all out to please you in every possible way, so you might find him in the kitchen trying to prepare gourmet meals, just to see that smile on your face. Tell him anything; even something as trivial as fetching your slippers and he will do it enthusiastically. He’ll be ready to watch your favorite romantic movies, even though he may just fall asleep midway.

Women do love to be pampered, but beyond a certain point when you realize that he’s ready to bend anyways just to please you, you may miss the real man in him. However, when you’re a woman who loves to dominate, then your relationship will click wonderfully with such a guy.

Mr. Melodrama

Here we’re talking about the guy who seems to have jumped out of one of the TV soaps, displays intense emotions and is always cribbing and crying to get sympathy. If your boyfriend falls in this category than one thing is for sure that you need truckloads of tissue paper in your house.

Mr. Macho

He’s one, who’s always trying to display his machismo, so you’ll most find him doing all the manly stuff. He takes pride in being uncultured and showing his mannerisms all through. Also, he’s most likely to treat you as nothing more than a sex object who is supposed to gratify his physical manly needs. You’ll find it difficult to establish any deeper connections with him, because on most occasions he will be busy displaying his machismo.

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Sidharth Thakur