Honey – A Wonderful Natural Remedy

honey-for-skin From historical times, honey is believed to be a magical food, which is capable of treating several health problems such as acidity, cold, flu, asthma and eye related problems.

For your eyes

Working long hours in front of the computer, watching TV and working in lowlight conditions may leave your eyes completely stressed, red, burning and irritated. If such is the case, then going the traditional way and adding some honey to your everyday diet will not just provide relief to your eyes, but will also ensure that your eye sight stays good for longer.

There are not very many home remedies, which can prove as beneficial as adding honey to your everyday diet, so as to cure your eye problems.

If your eyes become watery, when you are trying to read or watch TV, then the best way to treat this problem is to mix some honey into half a cup of carrot juice and add this recipe to your everyday diet.

Cold and cough

If you want to avoid medication to get rid of cold and cough or a congested chest, then all you need is 1tbsp. of ginger juice mixed with 1tbsp. of honey. Have this magical remedy as many times a day as you can, and your cold and cough will disappear within a few days.

Digestion related problems

For digestion related problems such as constipation and hyperacidity, get into the habit of consuming one spoon of honey and once spoon of lemon juice mixed into a glass of lukewarm water every morning on empty stomach.

It is best to have this concoction the very moment you get up in the morning. This recipe is also believed to help with weight reduction, so if you’re obese you might benefit from the regular use of this recipe.

Whatever home remedy you’re trying to make with honey, just remember the medicinal and curative properties of honey die out the moment honey is heated up. So if you’re having honey for health reasons, do ensure that honey is not mixed with anything which is too hot, let alone cooking honey on high temperatures.

Sidharth Thakur