Homemade Organic Infant Food

solid-foods-for-your-baby In rearing an infant, the thing which concerns the mother, the most, is the health of the baby. Most mothers look for the best possible ways to give their babies the healthy food for eating. Up to six months, breast feed alone may be enough to take care of your baby’s dietary requirements. 

However, beyond six months you need to begin exploring infant feed options, and that’s when most mothers are confronted by one particular question that is whether it is healthier to keep the baby on homemade baby food or to go in for the packaged commercial baby foods.

Now, if you’re thinking along the lines of making your own homemade baby food and are not sure whether it is the right choice for your baby then here is a list of the pros and cons of homemade baby food.

What’s good about homemade baby food


It’s definitely more affordable to make your own homemade baby food, and it usually comes out to be much cheaper than the cheapest packaged baby food you can find. Most of the raw material is already there in your kitchen, and even if you decide to use only organic fruits and vegetables, home made baby food still comes out to be a cheaper alternative.


Undoubtedly, homemade baby food is far healthier than the commercial baby food because you won’t be using any artificial flavors, stabilizers or preservatives. Also, you will be using fresh fruits and vegetables which are definitely healthier than the dehydrated ones used in packaged baby food.

What doesn’t sound good about homemade baby food

Time and effort

When you decide to feed your baby with homemade baby food, there’s a lot of effort and time that you need to put in to make the baby food, as against the commercial packaged food which usually takes no more than two minutes to prepare.

Shorter shelf life

At one time you cannot make more than a week’s supply of your baby food, and worst of all homemade baby food is not easy to pack and carry when you’re traveling.

Looking at both the sides, you should be convinced about making your own homemade baby food and letting the commercial packaged baby food be an option for emergencies only.

Sidharth Thakur