Homemade Face Scrubs

When you are tired of walking through the cosmetic isles of the departmental store, to find the best skin scrubbing product, how about making one at home? On the forefront, the idea definitely seems good and well let me tell you its quite easy as well. Most of these exfoliating or scrubbing agents can be made from commonly found ingredients lying in your kitchen cabinet or your refrigerator. And obviously that means no more heavy cosmetic bills.

Some of these homemade scrub recipes have been there for centuries and our ancestors have benefited greatly from using them. When you’re making your own homemade skin exfoliation product, be creative and who knows you might hit upon some wonderful recipe for yourselves.

Let’s get into the kitchen and get some oatmeal and a make a paste of it with some water, well that’s your first recipe. Even if it sounds too simple don’t doubt its performance for it is an excellent facial scrub. Another recipe is to mix some sea salt with lemon juice which should be gently rubbed on the skin to clear off the layers of the dead skin. Baking soda also has good exfoliating properties and can be rubbed onto the skin using a little bit of water. Additionally, make your skin exfoliating product by mixing in some powdered sugar into a tablespoon of olive oil.

You can also make natural facial masks which have similar exfoliating effects, again using stuff from your kitchen. These face masks are completely natural, and they leave your skin nourished while performing the regular task of exfoliation. Some of the best combination are banana and honey, mashed cucumber and yogurt, turmeric and rose water, mashed avocado and honey. All these masks need to be left on the skin for a minimum of twenty minutes to get the best effect.

All these recipes are quite simple and should lead to no mess or confusion. And well the biggest advantage of all these homemade scrub recipes is that they contain no harmful chemicals and so you will never face any damaging effects that are usually seen with the use of commercial scrubs. But if you’re still bent upon buying facial scrub from the market, well go ahead, but still give these homemade recipes one try before you head for the market.

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Sidharth Thakur