Homemade Face Mask Recipes

If you have never tried an all natural face mask, now is the time to do that. Instead of opting for chemical laden commercial face masks, “Why not make your own natural face mask”?

Natural face masks, as the name indicates are prepared from completely natural easily available ingredients and have no unpleasant side effects. Now every woman can have soft, supple and glowing skin by creating their own face mask recipes.

Cucumber Oatmeal Face Mask

This face mask is ideal for people with oily or dry skin. To prepare this cooling face mask, blend together one small sized cucumber in a cup of regular oatmeal.

Combine a teaspoon of this mixture with a teaspoon of beaten fresh yoghurt. Apply this paste in a circular motion on your face and neck regions. Leave the mask on your face for approximately half an hour before washing it off with warm water.

Avocado Cucumber Face Mask

Blend together half a cup each of chopped avocado and cucumber with an egg white and two heaped teaspoons of milk powder. Once the ingredients have blended together forming a smooth paste, apply the mask on your face in upward circular strokes. Leave the mask on for about thirty minutes before rinsing it off with tepid water.

Honey and Strawberry Nourishing Face Mask

Macerate eight fresh strawberries with three tablespoons of honey . Apply this mixture in even circular strokes on the face. Let this mask remain for about ten minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Apple Oatmeal Acne Mask

Acne is a skin problem plaguing many young women today. To get rid of acne the natural way, try the apple oatmeal mask. Blend together half piece of ripe apple- which has been cored and chopped well – with half a cup of finely ground oatmeal, a two inch piece of cucumber and about two tablespoons of skimmed milk.

Once a smooth mixture is formed apply it on the face and neck regions in an upward circular motion. Leave this mask on the face for fifteen to twenty minutes before removing it with cotton balls soaked in warm water.

This wonderful face mask not only helps to get rid of acne but also helps to reduce redness, excess oil and blackheads from the face.

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