Home Spa Treatment

Recent times have seen a sudden craze for spas. Probably it is a reaction triggered by our extremely stressed modern lifestyle.

But not everybody can afford spa treatments. And then again there are many people who don’t have the time to go in for spa therapies. Do not despair! With a little effort you can convert your bedroom and bathroom into a home spa. It would be your sanctuary where you can gift your body and mind priceless relaxation.

It is important to create a soothing and relaxing environment as the purpose of a home spa treatment is not only to give yourself skin treatments, but also to relieve and de-stress your mind. So dim the lights, play some soul stirring soft music and lay down your best bed sheet. Decorate your bathroom by keeping a refreshing vase of flowers and set afire an essential oil burner.

Start by taking a gentle loofah and mildly rub it on your whole body taking a dollop of a fragrant body wash.  However, use a natural bristles brush for scrubbing your back.

Then, take some sugar to which lime juice has been added and gently scrub your whole body and face.

Then, run a warm water bath and add Epsom salts and essential oils to it. Soak in for fifteen to twenty minutes. You can also apply a body and face pack before soaking in. The Epsom salts bath would help flush out toxins while also stimulating blood circulation and enhancing lymphatic drainage.

Make sure that you drink lots of fluids after taking an Epsom salts bath. You would also sweat a lot so it would be best to do it in the night.

Come out of the bath and pat dry. Keep the lights dim. Have some warm delicious herbal tea and get in the bed. You would have the most relaxed sleep after giving yourself this treat.

Make sure that on your home spa day you eat light healthy meals and also that you do not have any pressing engagements. Keep one day a week on your calendar for detoxifying and rejuvenating your body with a home spa treatment. You would surely glow and look your youthful best.