Home Remedy For Correcting Porous Hairs

Home Remedies for Correcting Porous Hairs

Home Remedies for Correcting Porous Hairs Hairs are normally compact and absorb limited amount of moisture through the cuticle. However, porous hairs are not fully compact hairs and thus, are affected adversely by the moisture. Amount of moisture absorbed by the porous hairs depend upon the levels of porosity.

For example, if hairs are highly porous, they would absorb considerable moisture from air and thus, would be damaged severely. On the other hand, low porous hairs may not get damaged severely. Harmful effects of moisture on porous hairs are increased when they are subjected to hair colorsor chemical relaxing agents.

Some Effective Home Remedies for Correcting Porous Hairs

There are some home remedies that can be used for correcting porous hairs. First of all, since hairs are composed of keratin, porosity can be treated and corrected by using keratin shampoos. These shampoos are easily available at the drug and beauty supply stores.

After massaging on wet hairs, these shampoos should be left on hairs for two to three minutes so that necessary action can take place. Keratin shampoo should be massaged on scalp also. Similarly, keratin conditioners can also be applied to hairs after shampooing. Some quantity of keratin condition is applied to hair and massaged. Hairs are then combed so that conditioner reaches up to tip of hairs.

After leaving conditioner for ten minutes, hairs are rinsed with lukewarm water.
Coconut oil has been found very effective in treating and preventing porosity of hairs. Regular application of this oil helps in strengthening the hair shaft, which reduces porosity over a period of time. While applying coconut oil, it must be remembered that major part of oil is applied to hair shafts and only small amount is applied on scalp.

For best results, coconut oil should be applied on wet hairs. Another home remedy for correcting porous hair is application of apple cider vinegar. It is considered as one of best natural substances for cleaning buildup from hairs. Regular application of apple cider vinegar not only corrects porosity of hairs but also removes dandruff.

After washing hairs with shampoo and lukewarm water, half cup of apple cider vinegar is poured on hairs and left for few seconds. Hairs are then rinsed with water. Similarly, apple cider vinegar can also be applied to hairs using a wide-toothed comb. After leaving it on hairs and scalp for 5 to 10 minutes, hairs are washed with lukewarm water.

However, people who use to color their hairs may not apply apple cider vinegar, as it may lead to loss of color from the hairs. For strengthening the cuticle, some people also use leave-in conditioners. After washing hairs with shampoo, hairs are blotted with an absorbed towel. Small quantity of leave-in condition is applied and hairs are styled as usual.

Beer has also been found effective in correcting porous hairs. Beer helps in removing the buildup on scalp and hairs, one of main reasons of hair porosity. Due to regular application of beer, hairs become strong and shiny. Many people use beer as hair setting lotion also. For use, beer may be sprayed on hairs using a spray bottle. Since odor of beer disperses easily in air, no smell of beer is found.