Home Remedies to Prevent Excessive Sweating

Sweating is something that happens normally and a little bit of it is necessary to have a good health. It purifies blood and lowers down the body temperature in excessive heat. But when this problem gets too much, it needs to be treated. Excessive sweating has many reasons like hormonal misbalance, etc.

it is one of the most embarrassing situation one can get into especially when it has bad odor. No matter how much of deodorant you use, you must try to get rid of it from internally so that it does not happen. So here are some home remedies to get rid of it.

Condition of excessive sweating also known as hyperhidrosis can be slightly reduced by home remedies. Firstly, drink as much of water as you can as sweating includes water loss of body so to make it up, drink at least 15 glass of water daily.

Then make changes in your cloth fabric, and stick to more of cotton wear. After taking shower, apply loads of powder to the arm pits, neck, back, thighs and other problematic areas as it can help to reduce the flow of sweat a bit.  Other than that, daily have juice of tomato for 3 weeks. You can increase the number of glasses to two. This is very effective in case of excessive sweating problem.

You can also try out applying baking soda soaked in cotton wool pads over the under arms and effected areas. As to reduce the body odor, try out apple cider vinegar. Or you may mix the lemon juice with baking soda and use it to wipe the sweat on regular intervals.

Potato can be used for the same purpose as well. Wipe the sweat so as to clean underarm, allow it to dry and apply talc or deodorant. This provides instant effects and keeps the sweat at bay for a long tine.

Before taking shower, rub lemon slice all over the body as it bring out immediate freshness and coolness to the body. It is also effective in case of excess sweating problem. So this is how you can get rid of this problem.