Home Remedies That Help Cure Cough

Cough and cold are normal in every house hold. We often wonder how we can cure a coughing fit when we do not want to pay another visit to our doctor and the cough syrups make us feel sleepy.

Well, the answer is very simple. There are several home remedies that can cure your child’s as well as your coughing. These remedies are relatively harmless and are effective. You can find the cure to your cough in your kitchen.

In case you are already gearing up to find out what the home remedies are, there are some things you should know before you get to the remedies. You should first eliminate the food items from your consumption list that will enhance the production of mucous, thus making you cough problem strengthen.

Meat, dairy products and fried stuff should not be consumed when you already have a cold. If you are working towards strengthening your problem, no amount of remedies can cure the cough.

You may have heard that oranges are good for coughing fits, but grapes are a way better option. You can eat the grapes whole when you have a cough problem or you can have the juice.

Mixing honey with the grape juice will allow it to slide smoothly through your tract and also help cure your cough. You can also have the sauce made from pureed raisins.

Honey in itself is a wonderful cure for cough and cold. While many recommend taking it directly, others say that mixed with other ingredients, honey can work more effectively.

You can mix turmeric powder to a teaspoon of honey or you could have a mixture of equal parts of lemon juice, glycerin and honey. Both of them are supposed to be highly effective.

They are supposed to be taken before going to bed everyday. The other thing that you can do is take some onion juice and mix it with some honey to make an effective cure for cough. It is very good but might prove pungent.

Although modern medicine is saving lives, home remedies do a lot of good too. Even water has properties that help reduce mucous. Thus drink a lot of water and try out the other remedies.