Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary track infections are fairly common amongst women, and nearly one in every four women experiences this problem at least one in life. There are also women, whose lives get really messed up because of recurrent infection attacks, occurring as frequently as one a year.Urinary tract infections can be very discomforting and even painful at times, and sadly the antibiotics don’t deliver instant results. Whether it’s the first time you’re going through urinary track infection, or it’s a recurrent attack, that are lots of simple and easy things you can do at home to speed up the recovery and to cut down the discomfort.

Simple home remedies for urinary track infections

Go for fluids: take as mush fluids as you can, since all the extra fluids you consume will help in diluting the urine and making it easier to pass urine. Also the more frequently you urinate, the more the bacteria will get flushed out. Forget the usual eight glasses of water a day, go for ten or more glasses and you’ll get a lot of relief within a day or two.

Cranberry juice: juice of berries like cranberry and blueberries, is highly effective in treating urinary track infections because of their high tannin concentrations. Tannin prevents the infection causing bacteria to stick to the bladder walls and propagate. E-coli are the main bacteria responsible for the occurrence of urinary track infections and these bacteria are highly averse to tannins. Have about 500 ml of berry juice everyday to get rid of urinary track infections.

Avoid fried and spicy food: fat rich and spicy foods aggravate the infection, as they irritate the urinary bladder.

Avoid Caffeine: coffee and other drinks contain caffeine should be avoided, since caffeine is known to irritate the urethra and the urinary bladder.

Avoid alcohol: alcohol dehydrates the body and it interferes with the working of the urinary system. Not even wines, which are considered to be healthy, should be consumed when you’re down with a urinary track infection.

Avoid citrus fruits: citrus fruits, containing huge amounts of citric acid, alter the ph of the urine making it more acidic. The high acidity can causes a lot of burning at the time of passing urine.

Sidharth Thakur