Home Remedies For Skin

These natural remedies are from the Indian Ayurvedic System of medicine and are part of the beauty secrets of Indian princesses for glowing skin. Instead of depending on expensive chemical based cosmetics, you should try these natural products to make yourself beautiful.  The following home remedies are suggested for your regular skincare regimen. 

Ice as Moisturizer.

Ice and moisturizers can help make the skin glow very quickly. On a cube of ice, use a few drops of moisturizer and massage it on the face for about two minutes. You can instantly look and feel fresh. During winters, when the skin is scaly this treatment is very helpful. When you are tired, this treatment can refresh you.

Papaya Pulp

Papaya Pulp can serve as a skincare product. Make a paste out of the pulp, apply it on the skin and massage for a minute. Rinse it off with cold water after ten minutes. Wipe the face or skin where you applied it with dry towel after ten or fifteen minutes. This is good for oily skin. You will get a rejuvenated look if you try this once in two weeks.


For dry skin, nothing works like Yogurt. Massage your skin with Yogurt once in a fortnight to get rid of all dry skin problems.

Mixture of Honey and Lemon juice

Form a paste from the above and apply it to your face. It can also be applied on legs, hands, back and your neck. Let it stay on the skin for ten minutes and then wash it off. It can make your skin smooth and glowing. It is a good substitute for skin bleach and helps in dealing with problems caused by oily skin. This is good during summertime when skin becomes oily.

Turmeric and Sandalwood Paste

This is a traditional remedy for getting a beautiful skin. Natural face pack can be made with these ingredients mixed in milk. Apply the face pack for improving your complexion.

Neem, Mint and Basil Leaves

Mix a few leaves of Neem and Basil to your regular washing water, to get rid of skin problems. Mint leaves can also be used for treating pimples and Acne. All these three leaves can help you with skin problems and bring back beautiful skin.

Alternative natural remedies related to diet include putting flaxseed or walnut oil in your salad with balsamic vinegar as the dressing. These oils should be kept cool in the fridge without heating. Many people experience bad skin due to insufficient fiber in their foods. Try whole grain instead of refined products like brown rice or an apple as a snack, with its skin instead of chips.

You can snack on healthier high-fiber stuff like nuts and dried fruit too. Prune smoothies make another good and tasty choice which can be taken anytime of the day. Another easy diet piece is beans and legumes which can be easily included in your meal anytime for the best effect on your skin.