Home Remedies For Lightening The Skin

Home Remedies For Lightening The Skin

Home Remedies For Lightening The Skin Home Remedies offer a solution for many issues, which if treated with commercial products would end up being expensive and not necessarily effective. Home remedies can normally be found in your kitchen and your garden, and are much more effective since these have been handed down through generations that tried and tested these remedies for efficacy.

Overnight results are hard to achieve because Home Remedies have a gentle action, but with regular use you will see results. For some useful remedies to lighten the skin, read on.

Toning Down a Tan

If you have been out in the sun and have become tanned, use fresh Tomato Juice, raw Carrots or grated potatoes to reverse the effects. Apply to the face and leave on for at least 20 minutes before rinsing away.

Make a Facial Mask

Leave whole Almonds overnight in a bowl of water. The next morning, drain and pulverize in a blender with a little milk to form a thick paste. The mask should be left on for 15- 30 minutes.


The more you exfoliate, the quicker your skin will lose its tan as you shed old skin cells. The facial mask recipe above can be applied to the face and massaged in small circular motions, for whitening and exfoliation.

Choose Vitamin C

The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C boost the formation of new skin cells that will be fresher and lighter than older ones. Citrus Fruits are all good additions to your diet, or a supplement can be used for the same effect. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet play a vital role in enhancing the condition of your skin.

Many believe that coconut water is a good health tonic for your skin and would vouch by it. Alternatively, you can apply coconut milk on your skin every day to get the fair and smooth skin you desire.

Easy Home Remedy Pastes

You can also make mix some milk powder, almond oil, lemon juice and honey to apply onto your skin. This mixture is known to make your skin fairer, giving it a light glow. Alternatively, buttermilk and oats are a good combination for a fair skin paste; apply this paste regularly on your skin with a good wash after, will make the skin bright and fair. It is a good exfoliating natural agent.

Use a Cold Water Splash

If the skin is rinsed with cold water twice daily, it closes pores and boosts the circulation, resulting in fresher, fairer and softer skin. The hydration it gives to the skin assists with the formation of new skin cells and a brighter dewy complexion.

With these effective, natural solutions at your fingertips, there is no need to purchase expensive products at the store, many of which work on the same principles in a much diluted form, and contain plenty of artificial colorants, scents and preservatives that may damage your skin and your body in the long run. Rely on the wisdom of the ages and choose a Home Remedy instead.