Home Manicure Tips: How to Polish, File, and Buff Nails Like a Professional Nail Salon

Monthly cost on average basis for a women’s beauty treatment could be thousands of dollars if she is particular about herself. Least that you can do to help out yourself in such a case is to do manicure at home.

It may sound difficult or a job that you may not be able to handle, but it is extremely easy to do at home. Proper buffing and polishing could be a challenge but accept it and do it is some of the easy steps.

Even if you are doing it at home, rules are same. You definitely need a manicure kit or else manicure can not be done. As for tools, you definitely need a lotion, buffer, nail filer, nail polish, cuticle layer removing tools, etc. Buffer helps to clean the nails and the dust layer that sticks to it.

If you wish to get done French manicure then you would need a transparent polish shade. You must take care of certain facts before buffing or filing the nails. Firstly remove the nail polish with a nail polish remover.Try to pick the removers that are acetone free

Then, soak the hands in warm water for about 10 minutes followed by removing the cuticle layer. Do not overdo this as your nail’s skin may begin to bleed. If you wish, then add some shampoo and oil in the warm water. If you believe in home remedies then add lemon juice instead of shampoo.

To buff the nails, first file the nails with it in normal way. Then grab the roughest side of it and buff nails with it.
Keep the motion side to side while doing it. Then use next roughest part of buffer and smooth the nail. Keep doing till you notice a shine over nails.

Finally, when you see clean nails just take out your favorite shade of nail polish and apply a coat of it over nails neatly. Keep cotton with you to neat the nail polish. If you see the requirement, apply the second coat as well. So this is how you can do manicure at home.

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