Home Laser Hair Removal – Useful Tips

Unwanted hair is the bane of men and women, who attempt different techniques to get rid of facial as well as body hair.

With the modern trend to have hairless, smooth skin, the desire to imitate models is ever increasing. Many might feel that the desire to remove unwanted hair is limited to women.

However, an increasing number of men are becoming more conscious about hair removal. The most common method of hair removal is by making use of the good old razor. In recent times, the epilator has been quite popular. Waxing, tweezing, threading and the use of hair removal lotions are options open to people as well.

Laser hair removal has made its advent as one of the most effective means of permanent hair removal. If you are tired of making frequent visits to a salon and gritting your teeth with pain each time a waxing strip is used on you, you might find that laser hair removal is just what you need.

As the demand for laser hair removal has increased, many companies have come out with equipment that facilitates laser hair removal at home. The following tips will help you make use of home laser hair removal equipment safely as well as effectively.

Tip #1
Never go in for home laser hair removal without a prior consultation with your dermatologist. Laser hair removal does carry a few risks such as blistering or scarring if not used properly.

Tip #2
Your skin type and hair colour should be taken into account before opting for laser hair removal. There are different types of home laser hair removal devices that cater to different skin types. Therefore, be thoroughly acquainted with all of these before choosing one.

Tip #3
When you are working on home laser hair removal, do not attempt full body hair removal. Focus on areas that you can reach with ease. Attempting to reach awkward positions might lead to cuts and bleeding, which could get infected.

Tip #4

Allow a gap of at least six weeks to pass between each use of the laser treatment. Keep in mind that hair growth follows a cyclic pattern and there might be some hairs that could have been left out with the initial use of the laser. These will get attention with the next use.

Tip #5
Follow the instructions on the home laser hair removal device that you are using. Missing out a seemingly trivial instruction might lead to side effects that may not be undone easily.

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