Home Care for Acne

Acne pops up because of various reasons. Unclean face, oily skin, hormonal changes in teen age, bad diet, irregular health care routine and so on. Acne control however is easy and could be done at home with the use of some great home remedies. You just have to follow some steps and your acne would be gone in a week if it is not a severe one. Also prevention is better than cure so in case you do not have acne, make sure that you don’t let it occur.

Frequent face washing with a mild face wash is what you skin requires to get rid of acne. This would slowly slowly clean the skin from within and the origin of pimple would vanish and this is how the pimple would itself go away. If your skin is delicate then wash thrice a day otherwise an oily skin needs at least 6 times face wash everyday. Use a pimple care face wash for better results. In case you get facials regularly done then you may take a check on that.

May be the products used do not suit your skin type. Facial would show adverse effects if you do not choose the right one so consult your beautician for it. As for cleansing, toning, scrubbing and moisturizing products, stay at the lighter side and avoid the ones with heavy amount of creams and oil.

For women who do makeup, it could be a reason of acne as well. You must wear good quality makeup and always remember that ‘the lesser the better’. Used water based makeup and use loose powder instead of liquid foundation.

For teenagers, there is nothing much for you to prevent pimples as in this age, you go through a lot of hormonal changes but make sure you have a good diet and also keeping face clean is necessary. Use sun screen so that the heat of skin doesn’t do much damage to skin. Apply it 15 minutes before stepping out in the sun. So this is how you can have a good control over acne on face.