Hit Upon The Right Hat

Although hats had, kind of, disappeared from the list of hottest accessories for quite some time, they’re back again in trend and it’s time to pull on one. Earlier versions of  fashion hats were meant for special occasions; however the latest versions can be sported almost anywhere that is both for casual as well as formal occasions.

What’s most important, at the time of buying a hat, is to strike the right balance by taking into consideration your body structure, face shape and your ensemble. Here’s how you need to go about choosing the right hat.

Body structure

For petites body structures, hats with low crown and a small brim are the best option, and anything too big should be avoided or else your hat might overpower your small stature. The tall ladies can sport a wide brimmed hat with a shorter crown, while avoiding the narrow and angular shapes. And for all the ladies on the heavier side, wide brimmed or rather full-brimmed hats will help balance the overall outlook.

Face shape

For long face shapes nothing is more flattering than wide hats with curled brims, and on the other hand narrow brims must be avoided for a balanced look. As for round faces, angular shapes and high brims are preferable over circular shapes and sloppy brims. And round faces can also do well by sporting hats which are wider than the face. Women with oval face shape are the luckiest of the lot and they can sport almost any style, since oval shape is considered to be the perfect face shape.

Other aspects

While matching the hat style with your body shape and your face shape is essential, equally important is to go with the correct size. Don’t rush in for any hat just because of the style, if you are not really comfortable wearing it. Try different sizes and see which one is the most comfortable to wear.

And lastly, even your hairstyle needs a bit of consideration when choosing a hat, so look into the mirror and see whether your hair style, face and the hat, put together, is looking well balanced and proportioned or not. Your hat should not overpower your hair or your face; rather it should complement both of them.

Sidharth Thakur