High Heels Or Flats– Which One Will You Snag?

Many thanks to the renowned names like Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Vivienne Westwood and Manolo Blahnik for their nonpareil designs of eccentric high heels, it has become a global trend among women to own at least a pair of this fashion accomplice.

Not to forget, in recent years, the rise of the flats can’t be ignored. They are indeed very comfortable and are being well-liked and accepted. But which type of shoe, are a better bet? Does fashion win over functionality?

High heels come with a wide range of stilettos, kitten heels, wedges, peep toes, court shoes, etc. There are a number of advantages of wearing high heels like adding height, legs appear longer, better posture, toning of pelvic floor, calf muscles and gluteus appear more defined and so on, not to forget the sexy feeling that you get at the very instant you put them on 😉 However, the old notion that ‘high heels can be hazardous to health’ is a proven fact now.

Numerous studies and investigations have compounded the disadvantages of health risks of wearing high heels on regular bases. Back and leg pain being the common one of prolonged wearing, sciatica, damage of Achilles tendon, osteoarthritis, hammertoes, etc. are among the serious ailments.

Flat shoes have evolved as the harbinger of rescue from the trouble of bearing high heels. Initially they came with the tag – ‘they are not sexy’. But again, because of the fashion designers and high street stores, now we know that flat shoes can be as sexy as a high heeled numbers and that too being more comfortable and practical substitute.

The fashion world is highly stocked with flat shoes like ballet flats, tennis shoes, boots and brogues, etc. that are available in enough styles to suit even the highest profiled occasions.

Though flat shoes are scoring high for their functionality cum fashionable factor, they are not devoid of their own set of problems like fallen arches, planter fasciitis and toe stubbing on prolonged wearing. But, no denying that overall health risks are greatly decreased when it comes to flat shoes.

Obviously, no form of shoes can make it to a total 10 every time by providing everything that you wish for. It would be sensible to attain a healthy balance by altering your choice every now and then. Go, take your pick and have fun!