High Cholesterol Can Lead to Sexual Dysfunction

The secret to a rocking sex life lies in the heart. Of course emotional bonding is important for a gratifying sexual experience, but that’s not the only role your heart plays in your sex life. For both men and women, good heart health is the key to maintaining one’s libido and one’s sexual performance.

So, if your cholesterol numbers have been on the rise and you are still not proactively dealing with the matter, then here is one solid reason to fight cholesterol. With the cholesterol chocking the arteries the sexual arousal, in both the sexes, suffers grave damage.

Like all other parts of our body, our genitals need a good supply of blood to perform and to stay in good health.  As for men, fighting cholesterol becomes particularly important because it’s the blood which makes their penis erect. Even for women vaginal lubrication and contractions may not remain up to the mark if their arteries start getting chocked with cholesterol.

With time, cholesterol begins to deposit on the inner walls of the arteries, causing buildups which interfere with proper blood circulation. And when these deposits make it difficult for blood to reach your organs, your organs begin loosing life. And well this theory holds very true for our genitals as well.

So the next time you or your partner is experiencing sexual dysfunction, you may want to get your cholesterol levels checked. In a lot many cases cholesterol buildup in the arteries and the hardening of arteries is held responsible for sexual dysfunction. In one of the studies it was found out that nearly nine out of every ten men experiencing erectile dysfunction had high levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol, and nearly half of them were able to get their erections back by working on their cholesterol levels alone.

In women the link between high cholesterol and sexual dysfunction is a little less established, but high levels of cholesterol are still believed to slow down their sexual arousal and the proper production of vaginal fluids.

It doesn’t really matter whether your sexual dysfunction is solely because of your high cholesterol, or because of some other medical reasons, keeping your cholesterol levels under control will certainly help in keeping your sex life on the brink.

  • Sach

    I was diagnosed with high cholestorol and with two blockages I was placed on cholesorol and bp prescriptions.I always have been ready and available at any time but now, six months after this diagnosis i can’t get it up-very troubling.Will it come back after the cholesorol is under control or must i get a splint?