High Cholesterol Can be Riskier Than What You Think

Every one talks of cholesterol as a major health risk but very few know about the damages high cholesterol causes to your overall health. You know that cholesterol causes blockages in the arteries resulting in heart attacks, but high cholesterol levels are not just damaging for the heart, they cause other health problems too. Some of the lesser know, still highly probable negative effects of cholesterol are enlisted here.

Hearing problems

In some medical studies it has been discovered that high levels of cholesterol can lead to poor hearing or even complete loss of hearing at times. But thankfully most of this damage is reversible and the hearing problem may go away upon taking cholesterol reducing medicines.

Vision problems

High cholesterol can also result in impaired vision if some vein, carrying blood back to the heart from the eye becomes blocked due to cholesterol deposits. This problem is referred to as retinal vein occlusion in the medical terminology. Although rare, in some cases these blockages can result in swelling, bleeding and complete loss of sight.

Vascular diseases

Pains and cramps may be felt in any part of the body, especially the lower limbs if the blood supplying arteries to these organs get chocked with cholesterol buildups. Besides pain and discomfort, a patient’s mobility may also get restricted due to these peripheral vascular disorders. Also, since the problematic area doesn’t receive a free blood supply, if the affected area experiences any injury the healing is usually very slow.

Brain strokes

Although these are mostly associated with clot formation owing to high blood pressure, constantly high levels of cholesterol can lead to brain strokes. Again the reason remains that the arteries may narrow down because of cholesterol deposits to such a level that certain parts of the brain may not be able to receive the desired blood supply. Sometimes the blood vessels may even rupture due to blockages, leading to permanent disabilities or even death in some cases.

Loss of memory

Having high cholesterol levels after the age of 40 makes you doubly prone to suffering from memory losses. Also older people with high cholesterol have more chances of developing Alzheimer’s disorder.

Sidharth Thakur