Hide Your Under Eye Circles

If your eyes are looking tired, stressed or sick. This does not happen because of your ill-health but because of your dark circle under your eyes. It is mainly caused by some leaky capillaries that create pools of blood under the surface of the skin.

Some other factors make it worse like hormonal fluctuations, age related skin thinning, and deficiencies of vitamins.

There are some effective home remedies that help to minimize the darkness under the eyes. You can take fresh and cool cucumber slices. Place it on your closed eyes just after taking it out of the fridge. Cool tea bags are also good as they are helpful in reducing puffiness. Some people also apply juice of raw potato.

Many other remedies are there that are helpful to some extent but the best way to hide your raccoon eyes is to hide it with makeup. Many beauty products are available in the market to hide under eye circles. Concealers are the best way.

But whatever cosmetic you are going to apply on your face it should be of very good quality. And the second main thing is that concealer should be of your skin tone as it comes in many shades.

Third main point is that you apply it in a proper way. The main point is to remember that always take branded product .Do not go for the latest one. Rather, go for the known one. Always take concealer one or two shades lighter than your foundation tone. There are few steps that you should follow to make your eyes look perfect.

Take 1:1 ratio of concealer and regular foundation. Now first apply it on the problem areas and then use foundation on your whole face. Mixing foundation with concealer makes your face look even. Now it’s the time to set your makeup with light dusting of powder with powder puff. Pay attention to the inner corners of your eyes.

Do not use mascara on your lower lashes. Once you have done right makeup with right products your eyes will become younger, brighter, and wider. As eyes play an important role in your whole beauty.

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