Hiccups In Infant

hiccups The moment your newborn arrives home, it’s quite acceptable for the parents to become a little worried about each and everything concerning the little baby.

And one such thing that usually bothers, or rather makes the parents panic, is when their baby begins hiccupping. Now before we go into details, let me stress on the little fact that while hiccups may be discomforting and somewhat abnormal in terms of adults, they are absolutely normal in case of infants.

Even regular hiccups would not cause any kind of discomfort to your infant, so don’t even think about trying one of your alarmed attempts to cure your baby’s hiccups.

Hiccups are normal

While we’ve already mentioned that hiccups in infants are absolutely normal, do not be alarmed even if the frequency of hiccups is a little high. In most cases the problem of hiccups in infants, gets resolved on it’s own without the need for any medication or external therapies. So, just don’t make any vain attempts at trying to fix the problem and stop the hiccups. Even though the hiccups may look scary and painful, don’t get stressed because your infant won’t even be aware of the hiccups.


The best way to treat hiccups in infants is to have some patience and watch the hiccups die out on their own. A few weeks down the line, as your baby turns a little older, the frequency of hiccups will reduce on its own.

But there’s one thing that’s absolutely import into understand, that you must not make any kind of attempts to stop your infants hiccups, because the usual hiccup treating therapies can be quite dangerous for your baby.

Like, trying to make your baby to sip on water can be dangerous because babies don’t need water. And even placing some sugar or salt on the baby’s tongue can lead to choking.

While hiccups are definitely not going to cause any damage or discomfort to your infant, your unnecessary efforts to stop the hiccups can result in some damage.

Sidharth Thakur