Herbal Cleansing Solution

healing Herbs and herbal treatments have gained popularity throughout the world because they are highly effective and unlike the chemical therapies they have absolutely no side effect. Most of the cosmetic in the market today promote themselves by calling them herbal.

However it is also noticeable that most of the times chemicals are mixed with the herbs in order to prolong their shelf lie and it generally neutralises the properties of the herbs. So instead of depending on the over the counter herbal product why do not you prepare a herbal cleansing solution all by yourself and have fun in the process.

Herbal water:

To make a simple herbal cleanse  you have to first make the herbal water and then the oil. To make the herbal water you have to take the leaves or flowers of your favourite herbs. For cleansing action take the flowers of chamomile, plantain, nettles, lovage, parsley, lavender, rosemary, jasmine etc. To make an astringent solution which can tone the face you can take these important things for cleansing, like lemon, mint, sage, pansy, winter green etc.

Take water and then bring it to boil on low heat. Add the flowers and the leaves and then boil for 3 more minutes. Strain it and then keep it in freeze in a tight container.

Herbal Oil:

To make the herbal oil heat beeswax and lanolin in a double boiler. Add fruit or vegetable oil like almond, soya or avocado oil. When the solution melts completely and gets mixed then remove from the heat. Now add the herbal water prepared previously and cooled in the freezer in the ratio of 2:1.

The Final Tough:

Your herbal solution is ready. Wash off your face with this solution do not use any soap. If you have very oily skin then wash off with an astringent or soap.