Helping Dad to Bond With The New Born Baby

Not all dads are hands on with their children. While it is second nature for some dads to bond with their kids, bathe them and spend time with them there are some dads that have to be taught how to bond with their children. Just as it is important for the child to bond with the mom it is important for the child to have a relationship with the dad from the very beginning. If you know a dad that needs help in bonding with this child here is what you can do.

Dads must be made aware of the fact that the child does not need only a mother; it needs a father too. For this reason fathers must spend some time with their children, carry them and talk to them. These are simple ways fathers can bond with their children.

Mothers can cajole fathers into bonding with the children by asking for help. Mothers must avoid taking on all the responsibility of the children, ask for help while changing the sheets or the baby’s diapers. Dads can hold the children and even rock the child to sleep. This is a perfect way for moms to help the dads bond with their children.

Moms and dads must share daily duties and responsibilities. This means that dads too can get hands on with bathing children, preparing the formula and even giving the child the feeding bottle. The greater the amount of physical contact with the child and the father the quicker and stronger the bond will form.

New moms are often stressed out due to the number of chores and the constant demands from the infant. These moms need to take a few minutes to relax, exercise or take a walk daily. It is at this time that dads must step in to help out. Not only will it reduce the stress on the mom it will also give the dad an opportunity to bond with the child.

Moms need to speak to the dads about every new development in the child. This will make the dads more involved in the child’s development and it will automatically strengthen the bond with the father and child.