Helping Children Conquer Their Fears

fear-in-children A child’s fear is related to some unexplainable events or when he/she cannot communicate comprehensively with his/her surroundings. However, this sudden sense of insecurity can shudder the child’s conscious and unconscious self.

There are many instances where the children are abused, molested, or had experienced some physical or mental trauma that had permanently generated a fear- psychosis.

The origin of fear psychosis is generally deeply rooted and can only be revealed if the child is placed in a situation where he/she feels safe and secured from any sort of danger or abuse. A terrified child’s behavior is often governed by his/her bitter memory.

It is extremely essential to help the child overcome his/her fears. Laughter helps in the natural purgation of emotion as it drains out fear as well as prejudice at the same time. It is relevant to a child too.

If a child suffering from fear psychosis is allowed to play innocently and he/she laughs in the course of playing, he/she would be able to cope with the stress better. It is a natural process of unwinding the hidden emotions and once the fear is drained, he/she will feel revitalized with certain stable forms of emotions.

A child comes out of the realm of fear and illusion by his/her own effort. The parents or mentors should work as a prototype of psychological strength for the struggling child in his/her effort to come out in the light of consciousness.

When the child will be able to sense the security with you and will realize the fact of his/her protection, he/she will give up chasing fear.

A comfortable and warm presence of the parents or guardians is the best medicine for a confused and terrified child. While the sense of warmth in approach will melt the ice causing insecurity, the child will be back to his/her normal self.

So, take the necessary steps to drain out fear from the conscious and sub-conscious level of a child and make him/her better equipped to face the challenges of life.