Helpful Guides For An Emergency During Pregnancy


When you are expecting, be mentally prepared for anything and everything. This is a time when emergencies can rise out of nowhere. And the worst thing about emergencies is that they have a really bad sense of timing.

They generally tend to appear when it is most difficult for you to cope with them. So, it will be really wise on your part to be prepared for them. With your baby on the way, it is always sensible to carry some extra medical information with you, just in case any emergency pop out of nowhere. You might already have the health insurance card with you; but, here are a handful of other things you might like to add to your bag too:

First of all, make a note of your medical doctor’s contact numbers, also any after-hours or emergency information, if available.The name and address of your hospital.Keeping a note of your and your partner’s SSN or social security numbers is absolutely essential.

Having your partner’s Phone numbers and that of his family members’, or friends’ is also very useful.Also mention your prenatal blood work’s copy and any special tests prior to your delivery.A complete list of any special health concerns like diabetes, medical allergies, high blood pressure, etc. is also handy.

Always remember about the Power of attorney information. Lest you are incapacitated, be sure to have a legal counselor or give permission to who can act on your behalf to take any decisions.

This is very important if in case there is a mishap and your immediate family are not available to give any consent for your treatment.All said and done, you need to keep a cool head; and as they say when you are expecting, be merry.