Help Him To Last Longer In Bed

A woman loves to have a long stretched love making session, but more often than not her desires remain a desire, because her man may end up ejaculating too soon. If this sounds like a familiar story, then here is some help on how you can delay your man’s ejaculation. However, the prerequisites still remain that you both must be in good health so that you both have the energy and stamina to enjoy the long stretched love making sessions.

Forget the orgasm

Sex is not about hitting a goal; rather it’s about enjoying the run, so push that orgasm out of focus. The more you focus on orgasm, the less you will enjoy the moves and thrusts. Another important thing is to prevent your man from ejaculating too soon. And the best way to do this is to change the sex position the moment you feel you man is about to climax. Some seconds would pass by, as you slide into a different position and these few seconds are enough to push back a man’s semen, and he may be able to thrust you for longer till he finally ejaculates. This little trick of delaying his ejaculation by changing positions during sex can be practiced again and again, and it’s not difficult to stretch the sex session beyond an hour. Also this changing of positions will make the whole experience very pleasurable as different points are stimulated in different sex position.

Pleasure him and he won’t be in a hurry

Moving to and fro can get very boring, and if you want a man to last longer, you need to give him constant stimulation. Fondle his chest, feel his skin, squeeze his hips, kiss and lick his body parts to keep on stimulating him. He’s been doing that with your body, so give him back a bit of this stimulation. The more you keep him excited, the harder will his erection be, and the longer he will be able to keep on thrusting.

Fulfill his fantasies

Every one of us has his or her own fantasies, and nothing excites a person more than being able to fulfill ones own fantasy. If you know about your man’s fantasy, then set up the stage to make him get as close to his fantasy as possible. Seeing his fantasy come to life will excite your man beyond limits and he will be game to stretch the sex session to as long as possible, just to experience the bliss of his fantasy.