Healthy Snack Ideas

Snacks can be healthy and unhealthy depending on what you choose to eat as snacks. There are a lot of junks out there and so do the healthy ones. And most of the healthy ones are tastier too. All it takes is to find the right ones to fill that urge to get your hands on those delicious snacks.

Sandwiches are a great alternative for junk snacks. You don’t have to worry about it being unhealthy as long as you prepare it at home and fill it with vegetable and wheat goodness. The green leaves and the tomato and other alternatives will only improve your health than degrading it.

Banana is another sure way of filling your stomach. If it’s long enough, just one is enough to curb your evening hunger or one of those midnight snacks that you always crave for.

If you have enough time for some elaborate recipe, you can go for an apple stew, or just any fruit alternative you like. Make sure that the fruit you are using does not lose its nutrition while cooking since most fruits apart from apple do.

Fruit salad is the best and a sure way of making some healthy snack for yourself and your kids. It’s extremely easy too. If you are not worried about the calories, you can also treat yourself with a small scoop of ice cream along with the salad.

Any food with a lot of nuts and fruits should do the trick. Be creative and come up with various recipes of your own that contains a lot of veggies and nuts and also a lot of fruits.You can also go for home made pop corns which is definitely healthy since it’s nothing but, well, corn! You can also go for burgers as long as its contents are healthy and home made.

Another healthy food you can go for are boiled eggs. You don’t need to go for just pain boiled eggs. There are many small dishes you can come up with egg.For all those jell-o fans out there, as long as it’s low fat jell-o you can always go for these. But since they contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrate, keep the intake in check.