Healthy Eyes With Exercises

It’s needless for me to emphasize the importance of our eyes in our life, but what I would like to point out is that we are doing so much work with our eyes and yet we never think about eye care believing that the usual sleep is just enough to keep your eyes healthy. While sleep is essential to keep your eyes relaxed, doing some eye exercises every day will ensure proper health for your eyes.

Let’s begin with a very simple exercise which begins with looking up towards the ceiling and then shifting your gaze to the floor. In both the directions you should feel a stretch in the muscles found in your eye socket, when your experience the stretch hold your eyes in that position for two to three seconds before moving into the other direction.

Once you have done this about ten times, blink your eyes at a very fast rate for some time and then close your eyes to let them relax. Follow it with similar movements to the left and right, that is first look to the left corner without turning your head and just moving your eyes and then to the right side. Again this should be done about ten times.

The second exercise involves rolling your eyes first in a slow and smooth clockwise direction and then following an anticlockwise direction. Throughout this exercise keep your eyes wide open and don’t blink.
The third exercise we’re going to talk about here will give you excellent results if you have been diagnosed with weak eye muscles.

Hold a pencil up right in your hand, and stretch out your arm till fully extended and fix your gaze at the tip of the pencil. Slowly bring the pencil close to your nose without moving your eyes off it, and you’ll find everything in the room has doubled, and then slowly move back your arm to the stretched position. This is an excellent exercise and can prevent your eyesight from deteriorating and thus you can avoid spectacles for long.

After you’re through with your entire eye exercises, rub your palms till you feel the heat and then form a cup with your palms and place it on your eyes and hold in this position for a few minutes. This is the yogic way to relax your eyes.

Sidharth Thakur