Health Tips for a Growing Child

If you want your child to be physically healthy and mentally agile, then it is important that you persuade him/her to have healthy food and follow a constructive and a dynamic lifestyle.

Having healthy habits will ensure that not only is his/her health dealt with correctly, but also he/she has the right frame of mind and is full of confidence and enthusiasm to tackle the day to day activities.

The first way to teach your child about food is to have it ingrained in the mind that food is not good or bad. There are food items that are different and some have more fat content and fewer nutrients and some have more of nutrients and are healthier.

With this mindset, your children learn to decide what is good for them to eat and what is not. Persuade them to have more grains, vegetables and fruits; these food items are rich in carbohydrates and they taste good. The onus is on you to present the food in a manner that it looks delicious.

Try pastas made of grains and also consider good salad options. Also caution children not to eat too much food at one go and let them have fast food too often; convince them that it should be had sparingly.

Where children are concerned, their bodies need all the nutrients which include fat as well. Therefore you have the leverage to be more innovative with food and prepare meals for them which are not only nutritious but also have a great taste. It is important that they look forward to meals. Meals should not just be about being healthy but also should be fun to have.

Equal emphasis should be given to exercising and fitness. Encourage them to participate in the sports activities at school. Praise them for their efforts and victories in sports and games. You can also plan trips that involve cycling, hiking and other activities that are physically demanding.

Explain the goodness of exercises to the kids and make them understand that it is a part of their general wellbeing. It should be balanced with a healthy diet and the two should go hand in hand.