Healing With The Help Of Music

listening-to-music Over hundred of years, music has proved to heal your mind, body and soul. Let us demystify the real essence of music and see how it helps in healing.

Selecting The Right Kind Of Music: Selecting the right kind of music is very important. You should select music according to your mood. If you are very angry, a light, happy music would probably make you even angrier. So, go for soulful music. These have a healing effect and calm the mind.

Music Sequences Work Wonders: If you are in a very somber mood, listen to an extremely sad song. Then to a moderately sad one and finally follow it with a happy one. This sequential pattern of music will help in uplifting your mood.

Say No To Headphones And Yes To Speakers: Through speakers, music goes into the very cells of our body. So, it’s a more effective healing therapy than that through headphones.

Stay Relaxed: Before listening to the music, relax yourself and get into the mood. Unbutton your shirt, take off the shoes and lie down comfortably. You can also light aroma candles to get more of the feel.

No Interruption Please!: Make sure to listen to the music unhindered. Don’t do any other work while listening to the music.

Coping Up With Insomnia: Insomniacs can go for slow lounge music. This takes you to a soothing journey and helps you to get unhindered, proper sleep.

Allow Your Responses To Act: If the music you are listening inspires you to do some work, do that right away! It is important to allow your responses to act.

Actively Listen To The Music: Let the music get over your mind and soul. Listen to it freely.

Establish A Body-Mind Connection: By establishing a body-mind connection, many physical illnesses can be healed by music.

Enjoy The Serene Atmosphere: After hearing the music, stay in the silence for a while. This strengthens the healing process.

So, try healing all your emotional and physical ailments through the essence of music. Music, as they say, is the best healer.