Headband: An Evergreen Hair Accessory

headband Headbands have always been a popular and fashionable hair accessory, and it is one evergreen trend that most women can use with absolute confidence. Over the past years, many celebrities have made appearance on the big screen wearing headbands, and that has made the trend even more popular.

Headband and curly hair

If you already have curly hair, good enough; else use a curling iron to create medium sized curls.  Avoid making curls which are too big, because they don’t really fit in well with the headband. As for the headband, look for something that is sleek and stylish, and wear it in the front of your hair where your hair line is. You can also use styling gel or hair mousse to lock the curls in place.

Buns and headbands

Again the style has been made popular by celebrities, where you can see them wearing a thick headband to accentuate their bun hairstyle. For a bit more fun, you can let your bangs hang on the inside of the headband. Although you may see some women wearing bangs on the outside of the headband, this style isn’t really that attractive. To get the style right, you will need a headband which is thick and is in some bright color. Even a patterned design in bold color would look great.

Ponytail and headbands

Quite like the style that we’ve just mentioned, the stress will be on the headband, so you need to make some extra effort to find a bold headband. Bright colored thick headbands go best with ponytails, however you can take the liberty to choose any other color or design if you so desire.

Before we go

Headbands are always in trend, and you can always use them to extend your looks to a new level. There is a wide variety of headbands available in the market, and to create different effects you can always look up to the celebrities who keep coming out with newer styles of wearing headbands.

Sidharth Thakur

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