Have White Tea, Stay Hale and Hearty

So we have all heard about the numerous benefits of green tea consumption; what we are focusing on right now is another sibling tea that has equal benefits or more!

Consumption of white tea is an extremely healthy option and it is considered to be the most beneficial for the body due to having the highest count of antioxidants. With more and more ongoing researches, the importance of tea for health is being discovered at new levels all the time.

The antioxidant count in the body helps us reduce the free radical count, which are responsible for the degeneration of cells which results in aging, cell mutation and hence many diseases. This directly results in a better health and the chances of the above mentioned ailments occurring are considerably reduced.

White tea has got catechins, which is a special antioxidant that studies have revealed is effective in reducing cholesterol which in turn has a direct impact on the instances of having a coronary heart disease. Regular consumption therefore helps in the reduction of heart ailments.

Then there are antioxidants called flavonoids, which have been proven to help prevent the buildup of cancerous cells and hence help prevent cancer of colon, prostate and stomach.

Therefore, if the tea is had regularly, even if the body contacts have an initial buildup of cancerous cells, the flavonoids will prevent the buildup then and there and contain the chances of the cancer from developing.

It has also been established that regular consumption of white tea helps in thinning of the blood and this helps keeping the arteries in a healthy shape. Also, because the blood has been thinned, it automatically helps reduce blood pressure.

The third impact of thinning of the blood is that the chances of clogging of arteries and veins in the heart get reduced and hence the chances of heart diseases are also diminished.

White tea has anti-bacterial properties and is known to kill the bacteria in the mouth, thereby preventing tooth decay, plaque and bad breath in general.

Last but not the least, white tea can improve bone density and improve bone strength too.