Have Track On Ovulation To Conceive

Many people have no idea what tracking ovulation time means. This could be the quickest way to conceive if people understand their ovulation pattern and when they are most fertile.

The more you monitor your menstrual cycle there is more chance to conceive.

Ovulation is nothing but the natural phenomenon of a woman’s ovary releasing the ovum or the eggs into the fallopian tube to make them available for fertilization. Women are most fertile within five to seven days before ovulation and this is the best time for conception. But unless you have the knowledge of your ovulation cycle it is very difficult to determine when you are most fertile.

Another important factor is you will not be aware if your cycle is longer than normal or less than the normal cycle unless one monitors their monthly ovulation cycle. Many accidental pregnancies happen because they are not aware of their ovulation pattern.

This will result in unplanned pregnancy which can be inconvenient. For those who have been trying to conceive for a long period, they might require additional support to help their chances of getting pregnant.

There are three ways to know when you are most fertile. One being the BBT or the basal body temperature, two the OPK or the ovulation predictor kits and the third being cervical mucus observation. Monitoring the BBT is the easiest.

The BBT chart will give you an idea as to when you are ovulating. It would be better if this method is used with other monitoring techniques. BBT charts will point to whether you are ovulating or not which is a very important element when a woman is trying to conceive.

OPK or the ovulation predictor kit is a tested way to monitor ovulation. Once a person gets a positive sign on the kit, the ovulation usually happens within 36 hours. This kit helps you to get a head start on ovulation and not miss it.

Observation of cervical secretion or mucus is another way to determine whether one is ovulating at that point. Some other indications of ovulation are cramps and spotting. These sign indicate that you are ovulating strong but severe pain and excessive bleeding could be due to other reasons.  It is very important to monitor your ovulation cycle to make your wish for a baby come true.