Hard Drink Away, Cancer At Bay For Women

alcohol-cancer There are many women who have developed habits of intake of hard drinks regularly. It has been observed that number of women taking drinks have been increased a lot compared to the same in the last two decades.

Researches have found that risk of cancers is highly associated with intake of drinks by women. It is said that even a little amount of alcoholism drink harmful effects to women body in this aspect.

Women with family history of cancer are at higher risk of having cancer if they drink alcohol. There are many women who take a few sips in weekends and this little amount of alcohol, though surprising to think, increases the risk for cancer among them. It is therefore always better to avoid alcohol completely in your lifestyle.

Women drink alcohol for several reasons. They may drink due to habit; they may take it while in parties. There are women who are addicted with alcohol and feel difficult to get rid of this habit. Study shows that number of women taking alcohol to combat with frustration is also on higher side. Many women are aware of the facts of chance of getting cancer by use of alcohol and many are simply not. Among the cancers that women suffer from are cancer of breast, oral cavity, throat, pharynx, liver, stomach and rectum.

There is a saying that alcohol, especially Red Wine, is good for heart health if taken in correct measure regularly. You will find many women drinking alcohol only for maintaining a good heart health. However, that again eventually increases chance of getting cancer.

This is such a conflict that it has already put most women in a dilemma about what to do or not. A knowledgeable medical practitioner can better talk about it, but it is always advisable to follow other ways of maintaining good heart health and drop the habit of drinking alcohol for ever.