Handling the much dreaded temper tantrums

Almost every parent expresses uncertainty at one point or the other on the correct way to handle the much dismayed temper tantrums of any extremely frustrated child.Pediatricians however encourage parents in looking at tantrums thrown by the kids to be an additional opportunity for parents in helping prove the personal integrity. The sooner the child realizes that the parents cannot be controlled by their regular tantrums, the sooner would they stop throwing tantrums.

The children suffering from Attention Deficit syndrome or ADHD contains larger amount of chaos inside them. Hence, they are in more need of structural and orderly behaviors in the outside to channelize their thoughts. Research shows that the most efficient way to handle children with high emotions is by the parents keeping their calm. At the time of the child having an emotional meltdown the parents have to make sure to become their calm rocks of pacification.

As much the child’s world seem to spin uncontrollably for them, the parents need to be showing them that, they being the adults in the child’s life are completely in control of the situation and everything is fine. Thus the child would be able to come to terms with the fact that even their wildest of tantrums are unable to move the parents.

The psychiatrists explains that as soon as the parents give in to the child’s demands or makes a try of bribing them, the child learns that they can no longer depend on the parents. They get the idea that by screaming or by crying they can easily manipulate or control the parent’s emotions. This realization starts creating even greater instability and insecurity in the child’s mind.

Hence, when the child completely loses it, the first attempt by the parents should be made to control their own emotions and be calm. The reason being the child is irrational and so they have little or no knowledge to control their emotions, and it is completely impossible a try to reason with an irrational human being. The correct way to go would be to invite or lure the child into the calmness of the parent by doing what one was already doing, or reading a book, or gardening, or simply coloring something with crayons and in the process showing extreme calmness in actions.

These activities would at first freak out the child because they are so used to see the parents getting upset, at the same time however the parent is indirectly communicating to the child that their actions have no effect on the parent’s mind and cannot manipulate the mind of the parent and it does not matter how much the little on feels in control they can still count on this rock solid mind of the parent.