Handbag Essentials – What You Need to Have With You Always

Every woman carries around a handbag. Most women look like they are leaving home for good and have over sized handbags while others carry around a small bag that seems to fit all essential items. There are certain essential items that every woman must have in her handbag. If you are not too sure about all the essentials then I have a few tips for you.

There are a few things that your handbag must be always loaded with. This includes your wallet to store your cash and credit cards, a bottle of water and your make up kit. You may think a few of the items here are strange to mention but I will give you an explanation why you need to have these items. You also need to have a pair of shoes, a shirt or top and a towel – hand size is fine. In addition to these items you can also have a fruit stored in your bag and a few snacks like dry fruits or a sandwich.

Let me explain these in detail so you understand why you need to have these items with you at all times. Well, it’s a given that you need cash at all times so you will always need to have your wallet with you. It’s not a bad idea to always have a credit card with you in case of emergencies.

You also need to have a bottle of water with you. Water will help to hydrate you when you are outdoors. It also prevents you from drinking aerated drinks and colas. A bottle of water will prevent you from consuming empty calories and thereby prevent you from gaining additional weight. Now, don’t you think that a bottle of water in your handbag is a good idea?

I believe in keeping a pair of shoes with me always. If I wear a pair of high heels then I carry my ballet flats with me and vice versa. This helps to change my look effortlessly. A pair of flats in my bag also saves me the trouble of walking home in my high heels. It’s always comforting to stop in the middle of the street and change my shoes the minute my legs begin to ache.

A change of shirt is handy on days when you have an accident with your lunch or when you need to change from a day to a night look.

Keeping snacks in your handbag will prevent binging on unhealthy snacks and prevents illness and weight gain.