Hand Manicure at Home

If you don’t want to visit a saloon on the only holiday from the hectic work schedule in office but want to groom your hands nicely; below are given some the steps that can help you give yourself a pampering hand manicure at home:

Before gearing up to treat yourself, it is advisable to set the ambiance correctly. Choosing a soothing and lonely place where you can sit comfortably for a few hours. Set your record and play your favorite soft music on it to complement the mood.

Start your manicure by removing any stains of old and chipped nail paint from your nails with the help of a nail remover and a cotton bud. Do not go for a tissue. It will get tear and at the same time not absorb any remover.

Follow this by shaping your nails with a nail file. You can give your nails an oval, square, round or pointed shape depending on what suits your fingers. Although oval shape suits almost all hands, you should preferably round your nails more and keep them shorter if you do lot of work from hands.

File them gently from the corner to the centre; and from left to right and then vice-versa. Take care to not rub the file back and forth. Always file them in a single direction. Do not over file the corners to prevent breakage. Never file wet nails.

Mix enough quantity of a good liquid soap with water to form a solution.  Soak your hands in the solution and rinse them. You can also add salt and sugar to this mixture. They will act as exfoliating agents to remove all dead skin. Now apply a nice hand cream generously on both the hands and massage. Remove extra lotion with a towel

Now, remove all traces of cream from your nails by wiping them with a tissue. Always apply two coats of your nail paint to make them more durable. Paint the first coat and let it dry completely before applying the second coat. Always apply the paint first in the centre and then once on both the sides.

neha madan