Hairy Men: Are They An Instant Turn On?

Hairy-Muscular-Men For nearly a decade now, all that we have seen in the modeling world and the Hollywood are clean shaven hair less men showing off their lean, well cut bodies.

The craze has been around metro sexual clothing and intensive girly grooming. This new male image is too difficult for most old-timers to digest.  However, it’s exciting to see the hairy beefy blokes making a comeback.

Earlier, lots of women supported the idea that hairy men are a great turn on and now again women are getting back to support this very notion. Most women feel that the recent metro sexual trend, where guys are seen visiting beauty parlors to get beauty treatments done, more frequently than women, has turned the guys so feminine that they fail to stir any sexual feelings in women. But the slow and gradual comeback of the primal male, who is hairy and muscular, is seen as a sign of relief by the fairer sex.

Why hairy men seem more attractive

In one of the recent studies conducted on sexual behavior and relationships, it has come out that women prefer hairy hunks to the effeminate metro-sexual men, because they feel a kind of safety and security factor attached to these rough-n-tough men.

Their broad muscular bodies and the hairy chests talk about the hard work and the manly things that they do. And that seems like an immediate turn on for most women, no wonder women get the wild vibes looking at sweating mechanics and plumbers in their greasy uniforms, who live outside the peripheries of the overly sophisticated society.

Beast like unkempt bodies and a carefree man’s attitude is what has gone missing ever since the hairless slender guys took over in the show biz. But since, most women find these cultured and suave looking men somewhat repulsive, the trend is getting back to the brawny and the muscular. So, we’re hoping to see real man once again!

Sidharth Thakur

  • Rosa

    hairy men are HOOOOOOT!!!! i don’t know why the new fad is all about hairless, girly looking men. i want to be with A MAN. not a man who wants to look like a woman. sorry. there’s nothing wrong with men who want to look like women, it’s just that i’m not sexually attracted to those types.

    • Gavin469

      me too