Hairstyles That Will Suit Long Face Shape

If you have a long face, then you must sport hairstyles that will balance out the length of your face. Let us discuss some of them:

If you have short hair, then let your hair drop on the face or on the sides at the same length. This will create a line at the end of the hair, which will give an illusion of a broader face. This works best if the hair length is till the chin or above. If you have curls and full hair, work to increase their volume by the side of the face so that the long face actually gets pitted against a larger volume of hair, thereby taking attention off the length of the face.

Avoid any fullness or puffiness on the top of the hair because it results in your face looking longer. Ensure that any layers or puffiness happens below the eye level. Keep the bangs choppy and long and the back of your hair short. This is called the Emo hairstyle and it makes anyone with a long face look more attractive.

There is another style where you cut your hair starting from the temples at an angle from the top. Then you increase the angle and cut it down further and longer as you go down the sides. Do it so that the hair is shorter at the temples and longer at the shoulders. Once you have dried your hair after the haircut, then it is time for you to curl your hair inwards towards the face. Use a brush and wet your hair slightly and then curl and dry using a hair dryer.

If your hair is longer than shoulder length, then avoid one length cuts at the back. The hair at the back should be cut into a V or a U shape so that it is shorter at the shoulder area. This will show the bulk of the hair on the sides and hence the narrowness or the length of the face does not get highlighted.

You can also try the Chin length and shoulder length bobs, but in this case, avoid your hair being longer than the shoulder as it will highlight the length of the face.