Hairstyles That Go Well With Round Faces

heena-hair-color Choosing the right hairstyle for your round face can be a bit of trouble, but don’t you worry because we’ve got some real good advice for you right here.

A round face is typically one which is equal in width as well as length. In most cases the hairline is also a little wide, and this wide hairline combined with fuller cheeks can make the neck seem much shorter.

Consider this

There are no hard and fast rules about which all hairstyles look appropriate with a round face shapes, except that your hairstyle must try to add length to your face while at the same time making it look thinner.

The second thing that your hair style should be able to do is to direct the attention of the onlooker from the fuller cheeks and spread it across the face and the hair. These are the two basic principles that you must keep in mind while picking up hairstyles for your round face.

Hair styles that suit the round face

With a round face its best to go in for short hairstyles, since shorter lengths help in giving a lengthened appearance to your face. Even those hairstyles in which the hair on the sides are cut short, or where the hair on the sides sticks close to the face go equally well with round faces.

Layered bangs is another option that you have, and is definitely better than straight or heavy bangs, because both these latter ones add width around the cheeks. Curls too look good, as long as you keep them away from your cheeks.

Cropped hair has a lovely lengthening effect on the face, so try some cropped hair styles on your round face to not just add length to your face but also to make your neck seem longer. Bobbed hair which ends a little above the chin is especially recommended when you have a double chin.

In case you love longer lengths, look for layered hairstyles so as to make your face look thinner, and you can also get some clever highlighting done on your hair, so as to direct the attention away from the fuller cheeks.

Sidharth Thakur