Hairstyles For Wedding

wedding-hairstyle Your wedding is the one big day in your life when it’s all about you. You have probably looked forward to this day all your life since childhood and wouldn’t want to let anything go wrong on this special day.

So why should you go for just any hairstyle? Hairstyle is responsible for making you look really good in the wedding gown of yours. So choose your hairstyle wisely.

Look around

Go through all the hair style galleries on the net or look in magazines to see which hairstyle you like best.

Rhyme it with your dress

Hairstyles are often determined by the kind of dress you are wearing. If your gown is a backless one, you should go for an updo whereas ringlets look lovely with a princess cut flowing gown. If you are marrying at a beach, then long and flowing waves in your hair would be just perfect.

A stylist is a must

If you haven’t already got a stylist, then go for someone who is good with camera ready and formal styles. You could ask for recommendations from your friends and married ladies.

Dos and Don’ts

Do not perm, trim, straighten or color your hair in at least six months preceding your wedding day. If your hair isn’t long enough and you still want an updo, then grow your hair before the wedding. It grows half an inch every month.

If you are stuck between two dos you fell in love with, the go for both. Sport one during your ceremony and another at your reception. Go for the more formal one during your ceremony.

If you want to add volume to your hair, then use clip on extensions or hair pieces.

Do not go for over the top hairstyles that do not suit your personality.

Schedule your appointment with the hair dresser several hours in advance so that your styling isn’t rushed.

These tips and advises should be enough to make your big day successful; at least in the hair department. It’s your day; make it beautiful!